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for september book club we read One Day by David Nicholls. I finished on 9/11/11. Halfway through reading the book, I realized the author was a guy; for some reason I thought it was a woman author.

i realized what i liked best about this book: the author really got into the nuances of the characters subtle interactions, much like we experience them in real life. it was after i read this book that i realize what i like best to experience in my own life and what i like hearing about in other people's lives: the moment you realize something is catching fire with someone, and the moment the end of your relationship with that person begins. the last moment the author wrote about in the book was how emma and dex kept in touch. she walked away after they ran into dex's parents, but dex went after her. then they had a kiss and it was the sweetest kiss they had ever known. sure, other stuff had happened before but it was this moment, the kiss that started the whole thing. as for the endings, when emma was sleeping with the principal, you read about her thoughts of "I just can't do this anymore," which we've all experienced. sure, it had been building up, but it was that moment that she knew.

it was clear emma loved dex forever. i don't know if dex ever loved emma. although she told him she was not his consolation prize, i think she was. i believe she was his best friend, but i'm not sure he was really committed to her. of course he told himself he was and he really was for the couple years they were together, but his old ways i'm sure were still there. maybe his old ways would always be there, but he was just able to cope with them better when he was older, like he knew how he was but he knew it wasn't good for him to keep messing about with all these women so he decided to stop. i didn't like how he got riled up when her political fighter side came out again the day she died, or hit on some chick at the club on the first anniversary after she died, or how he just got with the restaurant manager after she died. it seemed like emma was just another one, although he wanted for her to be the one for him, i don't know if she had kept living whether they would have made it.

speaking of, i was totally shocked that she died. it came out of nowhere. and im not sure the extra chapters after she died really did anything except explain more about that day that they first got together, which i really liked reading. i guess it was the best way to dribble out the story of the day they first got together for maximum impact.

i don't think i would go on vacation with just a guy friend. it seems like obviously one person wants something to happen otherwise we could just stay home. i guess that was the point. they didn't want to stay home. i dunno. i'm not sure what the point of the vacation was from the author's standpoint. it was early in the book, you knew they weren't going to get together, and nothing really happened except they went skinny dipping.

I read the first bits of the book in vegas, melissa brought the book to the pool. although i only read a bit, i wanted to keep reading it, thus i suggested it for book club.

i felt like the main point of the book is that we all bumble through life. but im not sure how i feel about that. i guess the bumbling never stops. when i talk to jack he seems like he is still bumbling through life a bit too, but how can that be after years of being a lawyer and having kids, etc. i guess that is just how it is, and as we get older we will come to accept that the bumbling never stops.


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really the bumbling never stops? i can't believe that? I don't feel like my parents bumble thru life... i refuse to believe that one never stops bumbling thru life. i want to figure it out and NOT bumble anymore.

I agree, with you how i thought her death came out of no where, except when in the moments right before it, she was really i thought something WAS going to Dex was going to that moment that she was happy was the moment her world was going to fall apart.

I had to keep reading a bit more to make sure that she really was dead...i had thought that maybe she was going to wake up in the hospital and was in a coma the whole time or something.

true i disliked how he just fell in with the's like emma predicted it the whole time, like it was just in dex's nature to sleep with whomever would have him at that age... as there was that "flirting" thing emma talked about when they were supposedly happily together.

thank you for you pinpointing out those subtle interactions... i hadn't realised it while reading the book, but it's so true..but those moments really only can be looked at, thru retrospective... and not during the moment it's happening i feel.

Emma was ready to move on with that french guy...then Dex declared his love, and so she cancelled the date... she was always in waiting. i think though if she didn't, then she would have kicked herself later... because it was what she had wanted the whole time... the whole time.

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